Stain removal guide

This is our guide to assist you with removal of spills and stains. For specific stain removal advice, please select a stain from the dropdown above. If you’re not comfortable with applying the advice yourself, please contact us on (03) 5354 2777 to make an appointment.

Our advice

The first thing to remember is to clean up a spill immediately. Treated carpet will be easier to clean than untreated carpet because the spill or stain will be confined and will not spread out.

Identify and click your stain to see recommended treatments. Please read the disclaimer before proceeding.

Cleaning ingredients must be cold.

Only after you blot or scrape up the excess of a spill, should you proceed with these removal methods.

For spots and stains always keep on hand the ingredients you need to clean them up with. Ingredients such as dishwashing detergent (without oily skin lotions), ammonia with detergent in it, undiluted white vinegar, dry cleaning solvent (spot remover) and blotting materials such as white cloths, paper towels and tissues to help you get through the emergencies.

Someday your carpet will need a major clean. When it starts looking dull – it’s time for cleaning. Call in professional cleaners to make sure the best care is given to your carpet.

Remember your carpet is a major investment and an integral part of your decor. It is deserving of the best of care so it will in turn give you the best of wear.

We are committed to achieving and maintaining the best results for you.